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Start Making Videos Fundamentals - 6 Week Course

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In this fun, hands-on and interactive 6 week online course you'll learn by DOING! We’ll be guiding you every step of the way and by the time we finish, you'll have made a number of highly engaging 30-60 second videos that you can post on social media, publish on your website, or share with your target audience. You'll learn to:

- Choose and use cameras and other video gear
- Choose a series of topics and make several styles of video
- Write story outlines and create story boards
- Write and edit scripts
- Record your videos
- Basic editing and rendering
- Video marketing success

We're here to help!  Enrollment includes one-on-one sessions with Ian or Joanne, a private Facebook Group to get help with ideas and feedback on your videos, weekly downloads including helpful guides, cheat sheets, checklists, templates, and MORE!

Spaces are limited to 12 in each session to ensure personal attention and learning success!

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Course Structure

1 Lesson

Fundamentals Course Introduction

Start Making Videos: Fundamentals Course Introduction Includes the weekly learning schedule, the teaching methods & learning activities we'll be using, and our contact information and preferred methods of communication. 

Course Overview, Teaching Methods, Learning Activities, Communication

In our first module we introduce ourselves and invite everyone to share who they are and what they do. We'll explain the learning modules in the course and the teaching methods we'll be using. We'll also explain the benefits of a "Growth Mindset" and the learning activities we use to create an optimal learning environment for all our participants.

Remember to bring your smartphone or camera and to charge your batteries! We make videos every week :)

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Video Making Basics: The Essential Steps

Video is the best way to tell your story! In this fun and interactive module, we'll teach you simple, basic steps so you can start making great quality videos to share on social media, your website, and other digital platforms.

Video Making Basics

Every session in the course is hands-on! In this module, we'll teach you to plan, record, and edit a video using your smartphone or any camera you have that shoots video.

You'll learn the basics of...

Storytelling & Scripting
On-Screen Confidence
Camera Tips & Tricks
Lighting Basics
Great Sound
Easy Editing
Posting Videos

The guide included in the resources was written as an accompaniment to the class and as an aid to making more videos after you have completed the first session. It's a “living document”, which means we will continue to update it as the technology available changes and our expertise grows (we are lifelong learners too!) We invite you to check back from time to time when you’re considering adding to your equipment or whenever you need a refresher on the basic steps.

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Choosing & Using Video Equipment

We'll help you choose the right gear so you can Start Making (great) Videos!

You don’t need a lot of gear to get started. We recommend that you start with a smartphone, a tripod with a mount for your phone, an external microphone, and a couple of lights. As you make more videos, you’ll have a better understanding of what gear will suit your specific needs, and we'll offer helpful advice to help you decide.

Choosing Video Equipment

Getting the right gear and learning how to use it are two of the most important steps to making great videos. We know when you’re just getting started there are almost too many choices and it can seem overwhelming, and that’s why this is one of the first things we teach in the Fundamentals Course.

In the Gear Guide included in the resources, we explain the different types of equipment used to make videos, including cameras, lighting, microphones, tripods and mounts, as well as a few other accessories that can help you make great videos. In class, we'll explain what's essential and what can wait, and answer any questions you have. 

Bring your camera and any gear you've got!

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Video Marketing 101: Part One

In Part One of Video Marketing 101, we'll teach you to create an engaging "Elevator Speech" and to build a profile of your ideal client that you will use to guide you as you create a Video Marketing Strategy Plan & Calendar in Part Two.

The Elevator Speech and the Ideal Customer's Avatar

In Part One and Two of the Video Marketing 101 modules, we include all the essential components of an effective video marketing strategy and we teach how to use the resources we provide to plan for success!

In Part One of Video Marketing 101, we'll teach you how to script, edit and record an engaging "Elevator Speech" that you can share to LinkedIn, your Facebook Business Page, and other social media channels. Then you'll create a customer "avatar", which is a profile of your ideal client that you will use to guide you as you create a Video Marketing Strategy Plan in Part Two.

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Video Marketing 101: Part Two

In Part Two of the Video Marketing 101, we will use the customer avatars we created to guide us as we build an effective Video Marketing Strategy Plan & Calendar and teach how to use the resources we provide to plan for success!

Video Marketing Strategy Plan & Calendar

In Part Two of the Video Marketing 101, we will use the customer avatars we created to guide us as we build an effective Video Marketing Strategy Plan & Calendar and teach you how to use the resources we provide to plan for success!

You'll learn to:

  • define your video marketing mission & goals
  • map your buyer's journey through the stages of your marketing funnel
  • tell your Brand Story
  • create Brand & Video Style Guides
  • develop your Channel Plan (social media, website, etc.)
  • build a Content Calendar that explains when you will plan, produce, and publish your videos
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Writing Creative Briefs & Story Outlines

In this module you'll learn to write a creative brief that includes the your goals for the video, and the timeline, budget, messaging, and other important information. You'll also learn how to use a creative brief to write a video outline and create a Hero's Story that will engage your target audience.

Creating Create Briefs & Story Outlines

A creative brief is a document that identifies the important elements of a marketing campaign and how a video will fit within the goals of the campaign. It includes the video project's goals, timeline, budget, messaging, and other important information. It summarizes the story the video will tell and explains why it's important to the audience, and acts as a guide for the creation of the video and any written material that accompanies the video in publication.
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Writing & Editing Scripts

Writing clear, concise scripts help you ensure your videos will get people's attention and send the key messages your ideal customers need to hear in an engaging way. When writing scripts, it's also important to "plan for the edit" which can save you time when editing, and to plan for publication ensuring your videos' elements are optimized for the platform they will be seen on.
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Creating Storyboards

A storyboard is a way to visually organize your video project that may include illustrations, images, diagrams, and notes to help you envision each shot as seen through the camera lens. It acts as a map or guide for each shot in a sequence and illustrates how the visual elements contribute to the story.
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Choosing Locations & Creating Sets

In this lesson you'll learn how to choose locations and create sets that are in line with your brand and will help to effectively add to the video's message.
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On-Screen Presentation & Confidence

Learn the key elements to improving your on-screen presentation and how to increase your confidence when appearing on camera.
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Legal Stuff: Model & Property Releases, Copyrights & Intellectual Property

In this module you'll learn when and how to use model and property releases, contracts, and licenses to ensure you're in compliance with local laws around privacy and intellectual property.
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Recording Videos: Beyond the Basics

In this module you'll learn the difference between main footage and "B-Roll". We will also define common terms for camera movements, and camera angles. You'll learn how to use "B-roll", and different camera movements and angles to make your videos more interesting and increase audience engagement.
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How & Where to Publish: Social Media, Websites & Beyond

As your online video content library grows, it’s important to deliver the right video, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time! In this module, you'll learn to plan your videos to optimize them for the platform where you’ll publish them, and learn to effectively publish your videos on your website and social media platforms.